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The design firm LLC "Doctor Makhkamov"

was founded in 1988 and successfully works in the field of architectural projects. The company develops design documentation for the construction of residential, public, industrial buildings and structures at all stages of development — from sketch to working documentation, projects for the reconstruction and overhaul of buildings and structures are being developed, projects for the conservation of unfinished construction and temporarily unused buildings are being developed.

Design is carried out in sections: architectural solutions, landscape and interior design, constructive solutions, engineering equipment of buildings and structures, technical solutions, off-site networks, estimate documentation, as well as specialized sections (communication systems, environmental protection, etc.), development of urban planning documentation.

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    1000052, г. Ташкент, ул. Аккурганская, 4 проезд (бывшая М. Хакимова), д. 8

The firm collects initial data for design and construction, approves design documentation in supervisory authorities, advises customers on the provision of land plots for construction and implementation of investment projects.

         During the implementation of projects, the author’s supervision over the construction is carried out, and also on the basis of an agreement with customers, the functions of a customer-developer are performed.

         We have completed many projects, some of which were awarded with I and II degree diplomas «Project of the Year», «Construction of the Year» in annual competitions organized by the Union of Architects of the Republic of Uzbekistan. At the XXI international competition MASA held in 2013 in the city of Almaty, the project “Administrative complex of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Uzbekistan” executed by our design organization was awarded with the I-degree diploma for the best project (construction) of the year in the section “Buildings”.

Currently, the main activity of the company is the implementation of public and private orders. These orders are mainly related to the development of urban planning design documentation, as well as projects of individual buildings and complexes.

         In the course of its activity, our company has completed a number of major projects, such as: «Construction of a hotel with a sports and recreation complex, a restaurant and a company store of JV Uzkabel JSC», «Construction of a cottage complex with a sports and recreation complex on the territory of the recreation area of ​​Ugam oromgohi «», «Construction of a swimming pool, tennis court and auxiliary buildings and structures on the territory of the hotel» GRAND MIR «», «Reconstruction of the former shoe factory No. 1 for the shopping and entertainment complex» Mega Center «(NEXT)», «Reconstruction of the administrative building of IP «COSCOM» «,» Project of a plant for the production of pharmaceuticals FE LLC «NOBEL PHARMSANOAT» «,» Support of the project of the Chinese company HENAN BUILDING MATERIAL RESEARCH DESIGN INSTITUTE for the construction of a cement plant with a capacity of 350 thousand tons per year by dry production on solid fuel, in Surkhandarya region

Reconstruction of existing buildings and construction of technical and auxiliary buildings «Beeline», «Multi-storey residential building with offices, a shopping center and an underground garage», «Multi-storey residential complex with offices and shops on floors 1-2», «Project of 32 cottages on the territory of the Tashkent golf club on the lakes.» We also have experience working with embassies on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan: «The building of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Uzbekistan», «The Embassy and Cultural Center of India in Uzbekistan», «The complex of buildings of the office of the adviser on trade and economic issues of the Embassy of the PRC in the Republic of Uzbekistan», «Construction the new administrative building of the German Embassy ”. In the public sector, we have completed: «Construction of additional buildings and structures for adults on the territory of a boarding school», «Creation of a branch of a children’s park of culture and recreation», «Reconstruction of the city perinatal center No. 1», «Reconstruction and improvement of the market territory of JSC» Yunusabad».

Our specialists solve all the issues arising during the implementation of the project — from the preliminary urban planning study, the formation of initial permits and support for the development of the project, to the implementation of technical supervision over the construction and commissioning of the facility.

         We carry out the development of project documentation at all stages, to the extent necessary for the implementation of projects

         The design process is improved through the acquisition and development of the most advanced software products by employees. To work on projects, the company’s specialists use the most advanced graphics and calculation programs. The technologies and equipment used allow us to effectively apply the accumulated knowledge and experience to solve the most complex design problems.

         Our clients are such companies as the hotel «Grand Mir», «Ucell», «Uztransgaz», «Uzbat», «Uzkabel», «Nobel Pharm Sanoat», Embassies of Germany, Kazakhstan, India, France, China, «Avtotest», «Kasmed», megamol «Next», «Beeline», «ALUBOND», «PLAST PHARM MEDICAL», «Metall Trading Tube», «UTBANK», «CEMS»

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